About the Ohio Hunter Jumper Association

At the Ohio Hunter Jumper Association (OHJA), our mission is to champion the dynamic growth of the hunter/jumper discipline throughout Ohio. We achieve this by approving and supporting horse shows at both local and rated levels, facilitating point systems for year-end awards, and promoting educational opportunities within the equestrian community.

Driven by a profound commitment to horsemanship and sportsmanship, OHJA is dedicated to nurturing a thriving and inclusive community of riders. We aspire to elevate the standards of horsemanship, instill a love for the equestrian sports, and create a supportive environment for riders of all levels.

In addition to our competitive focus, we actively contribute to the education of our members by providing scholarships and grants. These investments not only foster individual growth, but also contribute to the collective development of the hunter/jumper community.

As stewards of the equestrian spirit, OHJA is steadfast in its dedication to promoting fair play, respect, and camaraderie among our members. By upholding these values, we aim to create an enduring legacy that enriches the lives of our riders, strengthens the bonds within our community, and advances the noble traditions of the hunter/jumper discipline in Ohio.

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Earn points toward year-end awards, qualify for medal finals and help support the hunter/jumper community in Ohio

History of the Ohio Hunter Jumper Association

In the summer of 1980, during the Cincinnati Horse Show held at Lebanon Raceway, a large group of Ohio hunter/jumper trainers and exhibitors met to discuss the horse show industry in our area. The biggest concern discussed was the lack of a venue for exhibitors in our state to achieve some kind of gratification for exhibiting their horses. At that time, one either pursued the big “A-rated” shows at the national level or traveled to shows regionally on the Tri-State Association schedule, which encompassed Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The group assembled decided to follow in the footsteps of our neighboring state of Kentucky, which had established its own association in the 1960’s. The concept would be similar to the American Horse Show Association (the national hunter/jumper association at the time) but would include more divisions for beginner and novice horses and riders.

Thus, the Ohio Hunter Jumper Association was created. The association’s goal was to schedule a circuit of “B-rated” shows within the state of Ohio where exhibitors could garner points toward end of the year awards. Since then, the association has continued to grow, providing a robust schedule of local, regional and national level shows within Ohio the surrounding area to showcase Ohio equestrians.

Carolyn Knab-Klum

Carolyn J. Knab-Klum, founding member and first OHJA president

First OHJA Meeting

One of the first OHJA board meetings